Yoga is suitable for everyone


With the Asana postures you possess a wonderful relaxation technique that helps you to cope with stress. The effectiveness is proved by numerous studies. On the basis of the physical exercises muscles can relax, so that stress-related pain can be relieved and the immune system can be strengthened.
By regular yoga exercises you improve your concentration and mental clarity. Yoga students talk about a new level of serenity, as well as a deep inner calm. With Asana you can resist more relaxed the burdens of the day and thus create a new way of relaxation for yourself.
The Asanas are therefore suitable for everyone, who would like to relax completely. In addition to the benefits listed above the exercises also help to prevent diseases. You don't have to be neither sporty nor agile, each person, no matter what age, can begin at any time with yoga exercises. For each one of you there are suitable yoga Asanas, which also makes possible for you to learn and practise to an old age.
Thereby, it is irrelevant whether the person holds the Yoga position in a perfect way or not. Everyone is different, the positions fit the person and not in reverse. Taking a position occurs slowly and deliberately, that allows you to see whether and how far the exercises can be done and how pleasant they are.
The practice of Asana is a way to find yourself. It is a wonderful support to lead a harmonious and conscious life.