The Medicine of Letting Go


During the exercises you are the focus of attention and centre of your own actions. Practicing daily yoga instructs you to let go. Letting go of all that is troubling you and getting you down. Leave your pain and stress behind you. With the Asana exercises you have the possibility to achieve new levels of consciousness and to relax very deeply. By doing the exercises on your own you have to release yourself as well. Let go of the ideal image of the perfect position, it is much more important that you feel comfortable and that you hold the position in coordination with your body. In this way, you can relax.

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Yoga is suitable for everyone


With the Asana postures you possess a wonderful relaxation technique that helps you to cope with stress. The effectiveness is proved by numerous studies. On the basis of the physical exercises muscles can relax, so that stress-related pain can be relieved and the immune system can be strengthened. By regular yoga exercises you improve your concentration and mental clarity. Yoga students talk about a new level of serenity, as well as a deep inner calm. With Asana you can resist more relaxed the burdens of the day and thus create a new way of relaxation for yourself.

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Yoga – for relaxation and calming


Tension and relaxation are part of everyday life, they are important elements and perfectly natural. However, it is problematic, if the tension doesn't want to go away. For example, neck and back strains can permanently occur due to stress and so to make your life difficult. But not only tensions, also by psychological stress we can unnecessarily lose energy. To leave the stress behind us after a long day, is often very difficult and doesn't always succeed.

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