The Medicine of Letting Go


During the exercises you are the focus of attention and centre of your own actions. Practicing daily yoga instructs you to let go. Letting go of all that is troubling you and getting you down. Leave your pain and stress behind you. With the Asana exercises you have the possibility to achieve new levels of consciousness and to relax very deeply. By doing the exercises on your own you have to release yourself as well. Let go of the ideal image of the perfect position, it is much more important that you feel comfortable and that you hold the position in coordination with your body. In this way, you can relax.
Therefore, you can also release the idea that you always must be strong for yourself and for others. As Asana is not considered as a competitive sport, but is intended to raise awareness of yourself. During the exercises, you let go all thoughts and evaluations. In this way, you will create new energy, in order to cope with the challenges of the day.
In the morning you will feel more relaxed and prepared for the day and in the evening daily yoga exercises develop a sense of calm so that you can let go the negative events of the day. So, you can go to bed with quite thoughts and fall asleep relaxed, since no burdens keep the sleep away. With the Asana exercises you will learn to release everything superfluous.
By the Asanas you will be made aware of the blockades in your body. Thus, you can recognize your limits, but also your potential. Slowly and carefully, with sense and patience to approach the limits and perhaps to overcome them with renewed confidence.